Russian pastors finally receive Scripture booklets

By June 13, 2023

Russia (MNN) — Last fall, we asked you to pray for a shipment of Scripture booklets intended for Russia. A coalition of Russian pastors asked World Missionary Press for material in 2021. They needed millions of Scripture booklets for an evangelistic campaign across central Russia.

Everything was printed and ready to go by early 2022 – and then Russia invaded Ukraine.

“The political situation changed, and the ports closed, and nobody would ship that way,” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

The situation seemed hopeless. But God’s timing is perfect, and prayer paved the way.

“Last October, one of our contacts from Central America suggested a shipping agency we have not used; in fact, we didn’t even know about [it,]” Williams says.

“We had a sit-down meeting with them in our office, and the man looked at me and said, ‘I think we can help.’”

Over the next several weeks, the Lord tore down barriers, and the container cleared customs in port after port. In May, “we started getting pictures of a truck driving all the way up to Moscow, and on the 30th, it arrived,” Williams says.

The container held one million pieces of Gospel literature, and 400,000 were picked up by church partners days after the container arrives. Pray hearts and lives will change as people encounter Gospel truth through the Scripture booklets.

“With the way the last year has gone in Russia and Ukraine, people’s hearts are wide open,” Williams says.

“[There are] concerns (about the future); people are even more receptive. Pray that, now that the Word is there, it does the work that the Spirit is said to do.”

If you’d like to help WMP send a second container to its partners in Moscow, click here. “We probably wouldn’t have it available to ship until maybe September or October. They want to use our booklet ‘Who Do You Say I Am?’ in Russian,” Williams says.




Header image depicts the World Missionary Press shipment arriving in Moscow. (Photo courtesy of WMP)