SAT-7 hopes that persecution of Iraqi Christians will lead to a time of revival, but until then, the church everywhere must pray.

By November 23, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — The exodus of Christians in Iraq continues to grow.

SAT-7‘s Terry Ascott says many Christians are fleeing the country of Iraq due to persecution. He says Iraq women can’t walk in the streets without covering their heads or they are attacked. Some have had acid spilled on them. Wealthier Christian families have had members of their families kidnapped and then held for ransom. Christian owned stores have been attacked and Christian property has been damaged.

Christians are also being asked to pay an additional tax because they are not willing to fight for Islam. Christians in Iraq are feeling very insecure and unprotected.

Ascott is asking that other Christians committ to pray for the Christians in Iraq. Pray for their protection and wisdom on how to live their lives in this country that is so unstable. In the past God has often used persecuted times like this to refine and rebuild his church and revivals and church growth can be a result of a “furnace” experience.

Pray that God will use this time to further growth among the Christians and that Gospel will be shared with others.

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