Scholarship fund impacts more than just students.

By September 13, 2006

Kenya (MNN) — In rural Kenya, the Orma tribe are a community of herdsmen who settle in small villages along the Galole River. Their traditional ways of life have been maintained in their rural setting, but they have very limited access to education.

Partnering together, Worldwide Christian Schools and the African Inland Church have created the Orma Scholarship Program to help provide education to young people from the Orma tribe.

Students in the program are excelling, despite the setbacks of limited education that they had faced. It’s making a significant difference for many students, and some are even considering going on to college.

The impact stretches beyond just the students and is reaching into this traditionally Muslim tribe. Students receive a Christian education, and some have become Christians while others gain a more positive view of it through Christian education. Worldwide Christian Schools is seeing the beginnings of long-term impact because the educated students are considered leaders in their community.

Two graduates have become Wycliffe Bible Translators and are working to translate the Bible in the Orma language. Another graduate will be returning as the first Orma teacher in Orma country. This is significant for the tribe because it will enable education within the tribe to continue without interruption, instead of being dependent on outsiders who would have to leave during inter-tribal conflicts.

This ongoing Orma Scholarship Program is having a great impact on the lives of Orma youth and their villages. $350 (USD) pays for one year of education for an Orma student. $100 pays one month’s salary for a teacher in the Orma school. If you’d like to donate to the program, contact Worldwide Christian Schools using the information listed here.

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