Seeds planted in Haiti raise a new outreach to fruition.

By March 23, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Given the poverty and violence, many respond well to the hope of Christ.

Men For Missions’ Warren Hardig says because of the growth, teams have their sights set on new horizons. “We’re beginning to build a seminary in Cap Haitien. Men For Missions in Canada is leading that initiative. They’ve raised about 300-thosuand dollars for the new seminary. It’s about a million dollar project, and we’re going to need lots of people to go and build on the seminary.”

OMS’ current training institution in Haiti is the Emmaus Vocational Bible School which opened in 1967. About 20 teachers are involved in preparing 30-40 Haitian Christians to evangelize Haiti’s churches and communities.

In 1997, nine students graduated from the school’s four-year program, bringing the total of Emmaus graduates to 310. Most of them are in full-time service today.

That brings Hardig to the final point. He explains that with so many people responding to the Gospel via their sister ministry, Radio VEH, there comes another need. “We need to raise the money for the seminary so that we have more trained pastors to preserve the fruit and just the concern for increased staff. So, I have a concern for the staff that we have so that we all have the same vision and passion and go the same direction.”

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