Story number 1 for 14 Jun 2001

By June 14, 2001

(Philippines)–Topping the news, following a gory threat made by the Abu Sayyaf, the Philippines’ president has promised a “long and bloody war” against Muslim rebels. The group has nearly two dozen people they’re holding hostage, including two American missionaries. The risk of hostilities throughout the island nation is curbing some evangelistic outreach. Worldwide Christian Schools’ Steve Guerink. “The Philippines, this year, is not an area where we expect to send teams. We have projects in Mindanao, but those projects will not begin this year. We’re very careful about where we send teams. Security measures are always important. We don’t send teams to areas where we feel there could be any type of jeopardy.” Guerink says they need support. “We can use prayer for protection for those who are working in areas that have strife. Our partners, the nationals-they’re facing the struggles of finances, developing school systems. Pray that their work is blessed.” WWCS works to bring a quality Christian education to poor children around the world.

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