Story number 1 for 21 Jun 2000

By June 21, 2000

We begin today in Indonesia where the latest massacre is being called the worst example of sectarian violence in recent months. There are news reports indicating the attack on the village of Duma was the beginning of a jihad, or Muslim holy war. When asked how this might have impact on their evangelistic work, New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross said: “Our missionaries seem to be a distance away from where all the attacks are happening in villages and larger towns. But, our mission is watching the situation there and will make whatever decisions we feel would be prudent…whether staying there might be the decision to just how to approach the whole country of Indonesia.” Ross adds that although the bloodshed is horrific, it is having the opposite effect than the one intended. “I think often times you see the believers becoming very strong. These believers draw together, they really look more to the Lord and His strength in brining these people together. They will pull back to where their own people are, but they really start seeing the Lord and His provision when they start seeing persecution like this.”

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