Story number 1 for 25 Oct 2001

By October 25, 2001

(Uzbekistan)–Our newscast begins today in Uzbekistan, a neighbor to the embattled Afghanistan. While the Uzbek’s government is backing the U-S led war against terrorism, security issues remain a concern for those who are not involved with the military action. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Dr. David Haag says those issues are large enough to have affected their decision on whether or not to send mission teams to the area. “We don’t want to put people in a country where there is not some American presence that will assume some degree of responsibility at least to advise them what to do under difficult circumstances.” Haag says, at present, the country where their workers are most at risk of Muslim retaliation is France. He asks people to pray for all Christian workers. “We need to pray for the spiritual strength and the peace that God can provide. But, we need to remember that the physical warfare that we are a part of at the moment, is less significant than the spiritual warfare that is always going on.”

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