Story number 1 for 31 Aug 2000

By August 31, 2000

We begin today in Colombia, where reaction to U-S President Bill Clinton’s visit is mixed. Clinton’s purpose is to pledge support for Colombia’s war against the drug trade and Marxist rebels. New Tribe Mission’s Scott Ross hopes the visit will help their cause. “We understand that the situation of our three men has been placed on his agenda. Whether he raises that or not, we won’t know, but we’ll just be asking Christians be praying that President Clinton would raise this issue of our three fellows and see if he could push something where maybe some movement could happen where we could see a resolution.” Ross says the drug war violence has forced them to be more creative in continuing their work. “We’ve pulled most of our foreign missionaries out of Colombia. We have just a very few in there, only located in the large cities. But, many of the language groups that we work with are so large, they cross borders. So, we’ve gone to an adjoining country.” Please continue to pray for evangelistic work in Colombia and remember the three hostages and their families.

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