Story number 2 for 20 Mar 2001

By March 20, 2001

(Macedonia)–Meanwhile, church leaders in Macedonia have issued an international call to prayer for the current political and ethnic tensions in the country. Albanian separatists are attacking the northern border, and there are fears that the conflict may escalate into a civil war. Shelter Now’s Jeff Johnstone explains how the worsening situation is affecting their work. “We are working closely with the local church, specifically one in Skopje, and so we’re concerned about that, because we go into areas that are predominately Albanian. It is a concern about the well-being and the way that our mercy ministries are going to be received in that area.” Johnstone says since the borders closed, it’s been difficult to get needed supplies in to their people. While the Gospel is spreading, has asks for prayer. “We need to pray for protection for the church leaders. We need to pray for unity among the church in Macedonia. We need to pray for peace in the western part of the country, because this looks like it could spread. We’ll pray that it doesn’t.”

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