Story number 1 for 20 Mar 2001

By March 20, 2001

(South Africa)–We begin today’s newscast in South Africa where Christian Radio is facing an uphill battle. Trans World Radio’s Martin Frische (frih-shah) says government red tape suggests authorities there don’t welcome Christian radio, which are licensed as a community interest broadcast. “There has been a constant delay by the authorities for the hearings which have to take place before any licenses will be issued. And, there’s a growing concern, are they really interested in helping the existing community broadcasters.” Frische believes it’s an attempt to put Christian radio off the air after only seven years of existence. Because crime and AIDS are rampant in South Africa, Frische says Christian radio is desperately needed. “This country needs desperately to hear the Gospel in order for people to change their lifestyle. Christian broadcasting needs to be encouraged rather than discouraged.”

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