Story number 2 for 21 Apr 2003

By April 21, 2003

(Bulgaria)–Meanwhile, children are the focus of outreach in Bulgaria. The International Bible Society has been producing ‘My First Bible’ in that country for about ten years, but now it’s being offered in the public schools. Tonia Georgieva is with IBS, Bulgaria. “It’s a textbook for religious classes in the public schools. At the beginning of the school year, each one receives a free copy of ‘My First Bible’ and they ask questions. They want to know more about Jesus.” Georgieva says they were able to distribute 20-thousand Bibles last year, but funding is needed to help do more. “We don’t make people pay for ‘My First Bible’. We give it free to the kids. Although we try to cover the whole country, 20-thousand is not so much. It’s not enough for the whole country.” It costs a little more than a dollar to produce the Bible.

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