Story number 2 for 22 Mar 2001

By March 22, 2001

(Congo)–We turn next to the Democratic Republic of Congo where international pressure is powerfully moving both rebel and government forces toward a regional peace process. This is good news for Grace Ministries International’s work there. GMI’s Sam Vinton explains. “Since President Kabila was assassinated, his son seems to have taken a different attitude and there seems to be some hope that peace might be restored, and the situation seems to be a lot better there. In fact, this past Monday, my father was able to fly back in there for the first time since capture two years ago.” Vinton says the visit signaled a possible return of mission workers which was an encouragement for believers. He says it was evident that evangelistic ministry continued during the missionaries’ absence. “In a remarkable way, in spite of all these troubles, we have had reports of several dozen new churches that have been planted. So, the Word of God certainly is not chained or bound by these troubles and obstacles that men put in the way.”

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