Story number 2 for 28 Feb 2002

By February 28, 2002

(Belgium)–We turn our attention next to Belgium. Concerns were recently raised about the enforcement of a regulation involving missionaries. EFCM’s Tom Cairns explains the issue. “Back in about 1999, a law was passed concerning foreigners. Basically, it deals with people who are going to need a work permit. Only those in pastoral ministry would be allowed to work in Belgium without a work permit. The problem is the definition: ‘What does that mean, the French word ‘Ministre de Culte.” Cairns says their work is currently unaffected. However, the implications are quite serious. “We need to pray that the government is going to wait and let this law be properly worked out, and that the law will be sympathetic, particularly as it concerns people who are not actually pastors, people who are doing other forms of ministry, such as church planting, or working with Muslims, or other types of ministry.”

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