Story number 2 for 7 Apr 2000

By April 7, 2000

Meanwhile, an evangelical group is praying that scripture will give children in the Republic of Georgia hope they’ve never experienced before. The poor economic conditions have left many people nervous about their future. Book of Hope’s John Young wants to distribute Books of Hope in the schools beginning next year. “Obviously we believe that God’s word is going to make a difference in their life and change their lives and give them hope. There’s a lot of different things going on with in the country. It’s a proud country and it’s trying to change and bring democratic reform. We believe that the Book of Hope brought to their students can help their students in so many different ways and help the country.” Young says prayer is needed. “Pray for the political system there that God would give us favor and that we wouldn’t be seen as a threat, but we would be seen as an opportunity to really help their kids in directions of life and knowing God.”

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