Story number 2 for 7 May 2002

By May 7, 2002

(Haiti)–Next, the people of Haiti continue to struggle to find enough to eat and it’s even becoming difficult for relief groups to buy food. That’s the word from Don DeHart of For Haiti with Love. DeHart says the poor economic situation is making it difficult for everyone. “We don’t have beans on the open market that I can buy for our food program. So, we’re looking at trying to buy some here and shipping them down to supplement our rice and beans program there in Cap Haitien. We need some financial assistance from contributors to help us buy these beans and then ship them.” 75-hundred dollars can help them supply food for up to four months. DeHart says this program does more than feed people. “We don’t preach. We just do. And, we show God’s love by what we do and it’s a powerful instrument and we’re winning people to the Lord every day, every day. And, it’s a blessing to have us in a place where we can be servants of God.” Pray that many more will come to Christ as you help.

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