Story number 3 for 1 Mar 2000

By March 1, 2000

The question facing many Bible translation groups is “what will it take to get the job done?” JAARS provides the support for the technology used around the world in this effort. Pat Snyder says they are using the latest technology in order to overcome the greatest obstacles faced by missionaries on the field. “Previously, communications could be maintained-you’d exchange letters, which would take quite a bit of time to physically get from one place to another. The first e-mail was exchanged and it’s reduced the amount of time that it takes to get things done.” Snyder adds that this means greater flexibility for their work. “As folks go out to their allocations, suddenly the satellite telephone takes on an importance for us within Wycliffe to add e-mail capability to the traditional radio/telephones that we use. As a language team goes out to their allocation, they can stay in that communications loop, even when there are no other ways to do it.”

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