Story number 3 for 12 Jun 2000

By June 12, 2000

Mozambique is among the African countries where hardship goes hand-in-hand with a growing church. However, one of the greatest and continuing challenges throughout the continent is the education of bush pastors and leaders in the Bible. SIM launched a special program aimed at that need. Called the Theological Education by Extension, or TEE, Dick Morgan explains its purpose. “It’s training in basic theology, the knowledge in the word of God, the knowledge of God; education, then by extension which means rather than expecting the students to come in for a residential training program, the program is taken out to them so that they can continue their ministry.” Morgan adds that because the believers often have no formal teaching, and can’t be away for long periods of time, they respond well to the program. More importantly: “The church is growing-the church is increasing in numbers and that, we’re encouraged to see.”

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