Story number 3 for 21 Jun 2001

By June 21, 2001

(India)–India’s illiteracy rate is one of the highest in the world. Ramabai Mukti Mission’s schools are working to address this problem. For their students, a Christian education could be the way out of poverty. Mukti’s David Scott says they especially need teachers for the elementary levels in their schools. “We have started an English-medium school. Learning English is pretty crucial in India. For higher education, you really need to be able to speak and write English. So, we really need some teachers there.” Scott says the teachers will be working with the students for ten and a half months. Along the way, they will have the opportunity to offer the hope of the Gospel. “We’re looking for people that will just give part of their life, give a slice of their life to serve Christ and to help those less fortunate in the land of India. In fact, we have several people that are going there this summer to serve.”

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