Story number 3 for 24 Dec 2002

By December 24, 2002

(Zimbabwe)–According to statistics from the National AIDS Council (NAC), at least two million Zimbabwean children have no parents. Of those, AIDS has orphaned nearly three quarters of a million of them. That leaves a generation without care. SIM’s Trish Burrow and her husband are ministering to the orphans through the Apple Project, an AIDS prevention program. “The children, I mean, their lives are devastated by the death of their parents, even if it’s just one. And, I think that just through the program, that they will learn to live pure lives, and that they will find Jesus through it–through the examples of those who are working within the program.” Burrow says by virtue of what they do and why they reach out to the AIDS orphans, other doors open to share the hope of Christ. “There’s a lot of stigma if people do realize that you have AIDS, still. I think it’s just so that people understand that God loves everybody, and that we are there to help.”

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