Story number 3 for 3 Apr 2000

By April 3, 2000

Missionary groups are hoping Vladimir Putin’s presidential election victory will provide stability in Russia, making their work easier. Christian Reformed World Mission’s Jeff Busscher says if governmental chaos ends, it could benefit missions work. “Some of the local decision making that’s taking place, which is contradicting federal law in many cases. I’m quite hopeful that perhaps if there’s an appropriate expression of order on a federal level that convinces local power brokers that they have to follow the federal line. That might even afford some measure of protection.” Some municipal leaders won’t allow evangelical groups to rent public building space. Busscher says prayer for foreign workers is essential. “We’re praying that we would have the opening to continue to serve. There’s been some spotted situations there in respect to people getting visas. Not that they’ve been turned down, but the process has become harder. So I think access for foreign missionaries that are really needed in the country.”

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