Story number 4 for 13 Aug 2003

By August 13, 2003

(International)–Meanwhile, orphanages around the world work on shoestring budgets, leaving little room for clothes and shoes. Buckner Orphan Care International’s Tiffany Taylor says they’ve responded with the launch of their fifth annual ‘Shoes for Orphaned Souls’ drive. “The need for shoes is extremely urgent, and the need for letting these orphan children know about their heavenly Father. They have no one. This brings something new into their lives and it literally is a foot in the door for Buckner to be able to present the Gospel to children all over the world.” Taylor says their goal is to collect 200-thousand pairs of shoes. “Everyone thinks of orphans as ‘Little Orphan Annie’, and there are plenty of little girls out there that need shoes, but our urgent need is for teenaged boys and girls, which really wear adult-sized shoes. They need sturdy tennis shoes, they need warm boots…this is their one pair of shoes to get them through a year.” For more information on the drive, go to

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