Story number 4 for 16 Aug 2002

By August 16, 2002

(Slovakia) — The gospel is making inroads into the formerly communist country of Slovakia. International Needs Network is teaching English As a Second Language classes using the scriptures. INN Executive Director Rody Rhoderheaver. (RHODERHEAVER :14) This year in fact there were five weeks of camps and during those five weeks there were over 600 young people who were in these camps learning English and also being exposed to the gospel. (BROOKS : 03) Rhoderheaver says students aren’t the only ones listening. (RHODERHEAVER :20) Each one of our Americans who are teaching English has a translator in a class of about 15 kids. And the translators are volunteers usually college age students who have a good knowledge of English and can then help our teachers out. And many of them are hearing the gospel as well for the first time. (BROOKS :06) International Needs Network hopes to complete work on a ministry center to aid in following up with new disciples.

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