Story number 4 for 23 Aug 2000

By August 23, 2000

Next, more and more missionaries are discovering a hospitality ministry in the United States. D & D Missionary Homes in Florida has been a respite for missionaries for more than half a century now. D & D’s Bill Austin says they are looking ahead to the future. “We’re working on a consultation that will take place here in St. Petersburg in November. We’re drawing in the various missionary agencies and so forth to come in and look at what the needs of missionaries are in the future, as far as getting ready to go on the field and returning.” Austin adds that even though they’re stateside, prayer is an important component to their work. “As a matter of fact, just yesterday, we had a businessman on campus come to the Lord, so we’re praising the Lord for that. We have a number of fundraising drives scheduled for the fall, so we need prayer in that regard….and just to help us expand the Gospel even within our own community.”

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