Story number 4 for 25 Feb 2002

By February 25, 2002

(Spain)–Meanwhile, missionaries in Spain are asking people to pray for a radio ministry there. Joel Martinez is with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He just started a radio outreach on secular radio, designed to reach families in the city of Granada. “It’s a public radio station. We were able to talk to the director, explain to him that we have the desire to have a program dedicated to the family where people can call and ask questions. And so, he approved it, and we started.” The program is called, “In Family”. Martinez says they’re using the program to encourage a closer relationship with Christ. “As far as having intimacy with God through Jesus Christ and the assurance of salvation by faith more than 90-plus-percent really don’t have that relationship. And, that’s why we’re here (not just) to communicate again with words, but with our lifestyle.”

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