Story number 4 for 3 Jun 2002

By June 3, 2002

(International) — Next, Worldwide Christian Schools wants to make their short-term mission trips a life changing experience for those involved. That’s the word from Worldwide’s Dale Deileman. “Many teams will go out saying ‘oh, we’re helping this community’, but we really want to make sure that these experiences are spiritually life changing experiences. And, I think oft times, even though they have daily devotions or they have little debriefings or something — I know not only in our organization, but other organizations say this too — they really wonder how life changing these experiences are.” Dieleman is praying that these trips will help deepen a volunteer’s desire for outreach. “Maybe their eyes will be open to their own community back home and see the needs in their own community and find out how can we as a church or myself as an individual make an impact locally.”

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