Story number 4 for 6 Mar 2001

By March 6, 2001

(USA)–Meanwhile, American Leprosy Mission is celebrating an award for their fund raising efforts. ALM’s Bob Hobbs says they’ve been awarded the Association of Fund Raising Professionals award. Hobbs says while the award is nice, they’re adding programs because of the added revenue. “That’s probably the most important part. One of the new programs that we are working on in partnership with MAP International where we’re working in West Africa with a disease called the Buruli Ulcer, which is very similar to leprosy in that it’s a bacteria, but it primarily affects children 11 years of age and younger.” Hobbs says these news programs also give them a chance to share the Gospel. “Every opportunity that we get, we have the opportunity to share Jesus Christ. And, some of the stories that come back from the field, about people whose lives have been changed totally because they found the Lord, while at the same time being cured of leprosy. It’s just amazing.”

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