Story number 4 for 6 Sep 2000

By September 6, 2000

Elsewhere, New Focus National has presented the country with an evangelistic approach to a type of crisis management. Betsy Dekker explains the function of New Focus programs in the church. “The church wants to do more than just meet their immediate need. The church is caring deeply for their welfare and the church does this by holding a weekly class to help these people figure out where they are in their finances and relationships…and the church offers friendship accountability.” We contacted Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for the practical application of the program. Heart and Hand Ministry’s Sterling Artnzen. “We have people that are in crisis today, realizing they’re in a crisis, admitting what they’ve done wrong, believing that God can change their situation, and understand that change is going to be difficult. Then they have to understand that they have to discipline themselves in a different manner, and as an end result, freedom will come to them.”

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