Story number 5 for 15 Aug 2001

By August 15, 2001

(USA)–And finally, CBH Ministries is getting positive response from their change of format. Director of CBH Ministries Randy Heckman explains what’s taken place. “Our long standing program, the program was on 58-years, Children’s Bible Hour has been replaced with a new program called Down Gilead Lane. We did this really, after a couple of years of prayerful study and just figuring out what would be most helpful to touch kids today. The response has been very gratifying. We’ve added 300 plus radio stations.” While their mission of reaching young people hasn’t changed, Heckman says the way they reach them has had to change. “You know, the Gospel never changes, but the method by which we communicate it to the hearts and lives of young people and their families needs to change just as culture changes.” CBH Ministries has work in 15 languages, with more planned for the future.

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