Story number 5 for 17 Jan 2001

By January 17, 2001

And finally, the Association of Christian Schools International is spearheading an effort to give young people around the world a Christian education. ACSI’s Penny Soboleski says their student sponsorship program points students to the Savior. “Many of the students were sent to our schools to receive a just a hot lunch. But, those students were led to the Lord. But, these students were led to the Lord and were able to take the Gospel back to their homes. And, in one particular family the mother told me that their daughter learned how to read in one of our Christian schools. She reads the word to her parents and to her younger siblings.” Soboleski says 24-dollars a month covers a lot. “The student’s tuition, supplies. Often times one hot lunch a day. And, in some cases, if the child has medical needs we also use that money to supply medication or medical treatment.” The program offers opportunities for student sponsorship in 20 different countries.

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