Story number 5 for 24 Jul 2003

By July 24, 2003

(Philippines)–And, in the 4th part in our series on New Tribes Missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham, Gracia tells tells us about her rescue after crossing a muddy logging road in the Philippines. “The military had seen our footprints and they’d been following us all day and they just opened up on us. Right away I was wounded, and came to rest next to Martin and he was bleeding from his chest. My job was to make them think I was dead too and I was just laying totally still. And, when the shooting became less sporadic I started just kind of moving my hand around. They saw me right away and as they drug me up the hill, I looked back and I knew he was dead. They called a helicopter and we left Martin just laying there in the rain and that was awful.” Tomorrow, the final part of our interview.

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