Story number 5 for 28 Jul 2003

By July 28, 2003

(Korea)–And, the Far East Broadcasting Company just celebrated 30 years of HLAZ’s ministry in South Korea. FEBC’s Jim Bowman says political pressures forced them to move into South Korea during the turbulent 70’s. “When Okinawa reverted back to Japan, Japan does not allow Christian organizations to have radio stations, so we actually had to move. We had to look for another place, Jeju island-and the Korean government granted us a license for 250 kilowatts.” Bowman says their work in South Korea allows them a foray into both China and North Korea…countries traditionally hostile to the Gospel. “Of course we’ll continue to broadcast into China until the day comes that we can have stations in China. And of course, all eyes are looking north to North Korea. We’re looking to the day when those countries will be open and the Gospel can be shared locally. So, until then, we’ll have to broadcast from offshore.” Please pray the Lord will continue to bless this radio ministry.

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