Strategic alliance announced between Bible groups.

By October 3, 2006

International (MNN)–The International Bible Society and Send the Light have formed a strategic alliance towards a common mission.

Their vision is the same: to distribute God’s Word throughout the world. Keith Danby, STL’s Group Chief Executive says, “This is an exciting extension of an already strong relationship, and we look forward to working together to better utilize our resources and advance our common mission.”

Diversity is the strength of their unity and purpose. Their respective leaders believe that by combining resources as the largest Bible publisher in the world and the largest Christian distributor in the world, they will create valuable efficiencies to further advance their missions to spread the word of God.

“We’ve shared a common mission for many years”, says Mike Richards, Interim President and CEO of IBS, adding that it is, “to make God’s Word available to people around the world so that they may become Disciples of Christ.”

A joint task force has been formed to review the areas of compatibility and common interest and develop recommendations for their respective Boards by the end of the year.

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