Students standing in the gap to meet long-term, ongoing needs in hurricane zone.

By February 8, 2006

USA (MNN) — Things are coming back on track in the Gulf Coast region. InterVarsity’s National Coordinator for Urban Projects, Randy White says. “Urban Projects, which is what we call these experiential discipleship events, really brings these two things back together, where the Word of God and the work of God go side by side. So, working in a disaster zone, such as has happened in areas affected by [Hurricane] Katrina, has really helped us develop these programs.”

White says 300 students from four states are taking part in InterVarsity’s Katrina Relief Urban Project. March sees Spring break urban plunges, while four June trips are in the works.

Students participating in each of these plunge events will live and work together, study Scripture, wrestle with issues of social justice and racial harmony, and serve those who have suffered great loss.

It’s part of the calling to serve, White explains. “Our unique call or niche, is to stand in between, being sure that both communities have the resources that they need.”

And, even as cleanup and rebuilding will go long into the future, White says their teams will stay the course. “For the long term, we want to develop leaders who will stay in New Orleans, be part of the reconstruction, apply biblical principles of transformation, and seek the peace of the city.”

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