Substance abuse takes a toll on South Africa’s next generation

By July 11, 2023

South Africa (MNN) — Drug addiction among young people in South Africa rivals the global average. Nearly 60 percent of deaths on South African roads result from alcohol consumption.

“They’re having alcohol and drug problems like no other over in Africa,” The Lighthouse’s Brandon Bower says.

“The missionaries say, ‘It’s easier to be high than hungry because hungry hurts.’”

Gospel workers in South Africa recently turned to The Lighthouse for help. The Lighthouse takes a biblical approach to addiction recovery. More about that here.

“My wife, my children, and I had the opportunity to go to South Africa to put on an addiction summit for a children’s camp. We were able to spend a week there helping a missionary friend and some of their team,” Bower says.

Then, a second ministry reached out. This group already had a program in place, but leaders needed help to keep it going.

“One of our contacts in South Africa asked us to help them fund a brick-making machine so they can sell the bricks and make money to support their program,” Bower says.

“Within months, they should be able to make that $5,000 back and then fund their program.”

The Lighthouse is raising $5,000 to kickstart this ‘tent-making’ initiative. Contact The Lighthouse here and mention this report if you’d like to help.

Pray that people will find the freedom and victory only Christ can offer.

“Our neighbors in Africa have a desperate need for a Savior, shown through their addictive communities,” Bower says.



Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Bongani Ngcobo/Unsplash.