Technology moves to support the church in creative access countries.

By June 30, 2005

Uganda (MNN)–It’s all about the potential and the ease of technology. Sammy Tippit Ministries is getting ready to launch a streaming video project in Uganda, Africa, in partnership with African Renewal Ministries.

The ‘why’ is so that pastoral support is accessible no matter where the need. Closed countries and security concerns have long been barriers for church leaders and ministries to come together.

But, no more. On July 9, Tippit will be in the United States, teaching his sermons, while the team meets with the pastors and leaders in Uganda.

The pastors will be able to listen live to Tippit’s messages via streaming audio and video. A ‘stream’ is video and audio that can be televised over the Internet, so that virtually every person who owns a computer with Internet access will be able to view Sammy Tippit’s messages.

Chatrooms will also be used along with streaming. The discussions would be a secure area where STM would set up discipleship classes for people from difficult nations. This would be in lieu of Tippit himself not being able to get into these countries to train their Christian leaders. These classes would be taped locally in San Antonio, Texas, and streamed via the Internet to virtually every country around the globe.

If the first test works well, STM will begin a weekly discipleship training session via the Internet beginning in the fall.

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