The difficulty of distribution in India

By June 30, 2010

India (MNN) — Nearly 500 million people throughout the
world speak some form of Hindi–the primary language in northern and central

Bibles for the World distributes thousands and thousands of
copies of Scripture across India to people in desperate need of hope.

Mawii Pudaite of Bibles for the World said one man had so
little hope in his life, he decided he wanted to take his own life. He arrived
at his home with a loaded revolver, finding a Bible in his mail sent to him by
Bibles for the World.

"Instead of ending his own life, he turned it over to the
Lord and received a brand new life–an everlasting life," Pudaite said.

Bibles for the World uses local telephone books as a
directory for their mailing list, so they never have a shortage of names. They also have many willing printers. But with so many
Hindi speakers, funding becomes an issue: "The printers are there; the readers
are there. The main challenge would be the finances," Pudaite said.

And this is where you come in. It costs just $2.25 to print,
package and mail a copy of Scripture. Many of these Bibles will be sent to
households that have never read about what Christ has done for them.

Click here to send Bibles today.

Bibles for the World does not just need your help
financially though. Pudaite said that is just part of the process, the rest is
prayer: "If we get more people involved in praying, we see more results
also–people coming to know Christ."

Pray for God to prepare the hearts of people who have yet to
receive a Bible. Pray for their hearts to be receptive to the Word of God.

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