The light of the sun helps provide power for an outreach to the Sudan.

By October 13, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Words of Hope has opened a new studio on the border of Kenya and Sudan in Lokichoggio–the same area where United Nations’ relief flights traffic.

Ministry vice president for broadcasting, Lee DeYoung says they repositioned to bring ministry closer to the nomadic Sudanese people. “By moving the production in Dinka and Nuer to this area from Nairobi, we’ve really been able to improve the interaction between the producers and their audience. Thousands of Sudanese live in that region and move through that region.”

DeYoung says there are many challenges for this outreach–some of which have clever solutions. “It’s an area where it isn’t easy to have a recording studio. There isn’t electricity. However, using solar power, we’re able to overcome that problem. It’s a real benefit to the programs.”

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