The struggle for freedom continues in Haiti.

By November 24, 2003

Haiti (MNN)–President Jean-Bertand Aristide said Haiti has been the victim of 200 years of economic violence and is still feeling the effects of slavery.

The country marked its bicentennial independence after having overthrown Napoleon’s troops. That victory led to independence for Haiti. However, events leading up to freedom from one kind of slavery led to enslavement in voodoo on the island nation.

Earlier this year, Haiti’s government officially sanctioned voodoo as a religion, allowing priests to legally perform baptisms and marriages. Those working in evangelistic outreach say the move marked the tone for their work.

Men For Missions’ Warren Hardig explains “Operation Saturation” is countering that with the Gospel. The program is an effort to blanket Haiti with the love of Christ through radio programs and solar-powered radio.

So far, they’re met by a receptive people. “In the Saint Michel area, from the one radio, we’ve had 40 people accept Christ over the period of 90 days. That’s exciting. We’re thrilled with what the Lord is doing (and) we want people to pray for Haiti.”

Hardig believes this is a critical time for blanketing the island nation in both prayer and with the hope of Christ. “The country is going through political turmoil. There’s a growing population that are uneasy, that are dissatisfied. I’m asking the Lord to help the Christians to be strong in the face of adversity, in the face of possible martyrdom.”

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