Transition to new government is a threat to ministry in Ecuador

By April 22, 2005

Ecuador (MNN) — Brazil has granted Ecuador’s former President Lucio Gutierrez asylum. Ecuadorian lawmakers ousted Gutierrez from office in the aftermath of a scandal that set off protests in Quito, the country’s capital city. Gutierrez sacked most of the Supreme Court judges and hand-picked their replacements. That provoked a tremendous public outcry.

Back to the Bible’s David Lagacho is in Ecuador. “There has been lot of demonstrations in the streets. Even two people got killed during those riots.”

Lagacho says the uprising did affect them to a certain extent. “We are suffering a state of turmoil in the city and sometimes it’s kind of difficult to move around the city. (There are) few busses and few taxis.”

Vice President Alfredo Palacio has been named to replace Gutierrez. He becomes the 11th president since 1979. Lagacho says, “He’s a good man and we really hope this man will be a good president and we’ll be able to at least recover in part the stability that our country needs.”

The important thing is Back to the Bible continues working in Ecuador. “At this time we are producing five radio programs and these radio programs are being aired on more than 450 radio stations mainly in Latin America, (but also) in Spain and Italy where there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people,” says Lagacho.

The frequent changes in the government have had an impact on the economy and Lagacho says funding is needed to keep Back to the Bible on the air. “We are spending about $30,000 per year in order to air those radio programs worldwide.”

Lagacho says these programs have two main purposes. “(They’re) to share the Good News of salvation. We have seen many people accepting Jesus as their Savior. The other purpose is to challenge the people who are already Christians to take a close look the possibility of serving the Lord full-time.”

Pray that the transition to the new government will be a smooth one and that funding becomes available to expand into other areas.

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