Tsunami kills hundreds in Indonesia, Christians are responding

By July 20, 2006

Indonesia (MNN) — At least 300 people were killed by the most recent disaster in Indonesia. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake shook the southwest coast of Java, putting in motion a three to six meter tsunami that did the damage.

The Asia Relief Coordinator for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Grace Wiebe says, “There’s still many missing and there is damage to homes. And, about 30,000 are homeless. They’ve fled their homes and are away from the shore.”

According to Wiebe, the CRWRC is already able to help. “The CRWRC has offices on the island of Java already. We’ve been there for over 10 years doing development work. We already have a couple of partners that we are working with and we are channeling money through.”

These partners are local churches, says Wiebe. “Through them they are providing some medical responses, food, etc, tarps, things that will be needed. Much like what we did in the Yogyakarta earthquake.”

According to Weibe there one very good reason why CRWRC is helping in a Muslim area. “It’s a very big witness to have a Christian NGO providing relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction to people of another faith. It’s a very strong statement and they know it.”

Funding is needed as the CRWRC was already helping in the last earthquake and tsunami zones. Temporary shelter can be constructed for about $200. Your support can help them do even more for the people in Indonesia.

Wiebe says it’s exciting to be able to bring about change for people who have been through so much. Click on the link below for more information.

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