Vacation Bible Schools see all kinds of children

By July 15, 2004

USA (MNN) — Vacation Bible Schools are a staple of ministry in the United States during the summer. One church that’s taking a unique approach is working in the inner-city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“We tell them about Jesus, and His gift and what He’s done and how He wants them to live, His best will for their lives,” says Merv Griffiune director of “Day Camp”, a outreach of Roosevelt Park Community Christian Reformed Church. She says, “What they learn when they’re five, never, ever leaves their head. And some time they’re going to be 15, or 25 or 35 and they’re gonna remember what they heard when they were five.”

Griffiune says they fight spiritual darkness in the community. “Some of them come from homes where there is a deep spirituality. Sometimes that spirituality is twisted up with superstition and things like that. We have children come who have never, ever been on the inside of a church,”she says.

Griffiune says most of the students know of God but don’t understand he wants a relationship with them. Pray that many churches around the U-S will see many children turn to Christ.

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