Viewers of Christian television in Morocco now have greater opportunities for follow-up.

By September 7, 2005

Morocco (MNN/SAT-7) — And, there’s a spiritual hunger across North Africa, and people are looking for the answer to life’s questions.

SAT-7 helps meet that need with Christian television programming and follow-up phone counseling centers. SAT-7 recently added its 17th partner-operated counseling center, this one in Morocco.

The Morocco phone number appears on SAT-7 during a special on-air listing of all the different counseling centers. People answering the phone in Morocco say they wanted to give viewers in their country the opportunity to ask questions about SAT-7 programs, and hear answers, in their local Moroccan dialect.

Pray that God will work through the phone counselors to bless SAT-7 viewers, encourage His people and draw more people to Him.

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