55,000 Hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

By September 5, 2003

England (LPEA) — Festival:Manchester wrapped up at Heaton Park with crowds of 25,000 on Saturday and 30,000 on Sunday. Christians in Manchester, one of England’s largest cities, say crowds of this size are unprecedented.

Crowds of teens, kids, and families came to both days of the festival after being invited by Christians from all over Manchester.

On the main stage, Luis Palau proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“I know Luis’ messages touched people,” said festival director David Gallagher. “I don’tt think many people in Manchester hear messages about hope. They are surrounded by unemployment and many social problems. Luis made it very clear that forgiveness of sins and the promise of heaven are only found in Jesus Christ.”

Musical artists TobyMac, Michael Tait, DJ Andy Hunter, and the London Community Gospel Choir kept the crowds focused on God all weekend.

As part of the festival, the Palau team built a 10,000-square-foot skate park that was perfectly located.

“The messages at the skate park broke through some tough exteriors,” Gallagher says. “We saw crowds of young people coming forward for counseling. These were tough kids. I know the majority of them had never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

The Good News was also presented at a Kidz Zone and an Extreme Car Show.

Many prayers were answered when Manchester’s August weather cooperated. Sunny skies prevailed throughout the weekend.

The next Luis Palau event takes place soon. Filming for an evangelistic skate DVD called “Lliving it” starts in October.

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