Bombings not stopping Bible study in Iraq

By August 5, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — With the increase in violence against churches in recent days in Iraq, many are wondering what it’s doing to the local church. According to Bible Pathway’s Karen Hawkins, the violence isn’t hampering the ministry of one church in a city that’s a hot-bed for Islamic insurgents.

Hawkins says, “The pastor there has sent an e-mail (he) says that they’ve started a weekly Bible study using the Bible Pathway, discussing what they’re learning each week. So, it’s exciting for us. And, they’ve also asked that we send both the Arabic and the English five minute daily broadcast tapes. They would like to make copies and distribute to people as well as possibly air it there.”

Bible Pathway’s Through the Bible Devotional Commentary is hand delivered to Iraq by Christians in neighboring countries. Hawkins says the material is also broadcast into Iraq over short-wave radio. She says many believers are getting the discipleship they need to grow in their faith.

Funding is needed to help keep the radio programs on the air. “It’s rather costly. It’s over $500 a month just to air the Arabic programs. And, then we also make tapes and CD’s available to any pastors or missionaries who want them,” says Hawkins.

Hawkins says the radio ministry and Bible study material is unique. She says, “There is no other material that is known, at least to the other Arabic ministries that we’ve talked to, that goes completely through the Bible. Bible Pathway, it’s like a Bible survey course covering (the entire Bible). Within one year you’ve read the entire Bible in about 15 minutes a day.”

As believers understand Scripture, evangelism is a natural result. Pray that many Iraqis will be open to hearing the Gospel.

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