Book of Hope celebrates God’s blessing.

By June 17, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–This week marks a 17-year milestone for Book of Hope, says Executive Director Rob Hoskins. “We will hand out our 250 millionth Book Of Hope to a child in Ghana.”

Hoskins explains why the quarter million mark is significant to global ministry. “That’s 104 countries and about 60 different languages. Really, we’ve been amazed at not only the growth of the numbers of Gospel portions we’ve been able to give to kids in public schools, but also to see the diversity of places.”

The BOH teams respond to requests from public schools around the world and bring the books to the students.

More often than not, the books go to children where materials are rare…a single book to a single child, an even rarer occurrence.

What is seen as a generous gift opens doors for potential ministry. Hoskins says Book of Hope combines the Gospels in chronological order and features a clear plan of salvation at the end. Often teams are asked to explain the Gospel the children.

That, in a nutshell, is what BOH is about. In spite of the significance of a quarter million books going out, Hoskins says they can’t stop. “Our vision is every child…to reach every child in the world with God’s Word. So, we’re looking to put it in every language where a child can read. We’re talking about a massive job that’s still ahead of us. We’re talking about 2.1 billion under the age of 18 around the world that we believe is our mission statement.”

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