Railroad repair by a Christian relief groups makes a giant step forward in war-torn DRC

By June 17, 2004

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN)–The Democratic Republic of Congo continues its struggle to recover from a five-year civil war.

A coup attempt, along with what’s seen as a weakened government have done little to bolster the strength behind peace.

Anemic recovery efforts further undermine stablity and the restoration of confidence in President Joseph Kabila’s promises.

However, there is one area that will play a key role in seeing hope that a better future is in store. In the wake of peace accords, one priority for humanitarian groups was restoring 300-miles of railway between the Maniema (man-ayma) Province and the Katanga (ka-tanga) Province.
Food For The Hungry’s Tamara Dutch says they are nearing completion of their six month project. “What the railroad will do is restore not only transportation, but it will restore hope. It will also restore and revitalize the economy. Food For The Hungry was granted one million dollars by the US-AID, and is helping restore a vital link.”

Dutch says this is the hands on sharing of the Gospel. “Working alongside everyday, you can’t help but share the Gospel. What a great opportunity we have to work right alongside the individuals and families that have been destroyed by the war…and they have lost hope.”

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