Challenges face a Scripture ministry in India.

By August 30, 2005

India (MNN)–At the World Cassette Outreach in India, Rev. PA Sundara Rajan tells Audio Scripture Ministries that they have run out of Mithra players for distribution.

They need to order 3000 more pieces with fifty percent advance payment. Because much of India’s population is illiterate, roughly 600 million people need the World Cassette Outreach in order to have access to the Scriptures.

Teams have distributed over 11,000 Scripture listening kits. They have also started providing the voice recording for the Old Testament in Tamil. So far, all the 12 books of the Minor Prophets have been recorded.

As the ministry continues to grow, there are others who are looking into ways to quickly distribute the Scriptures in audio.

An Indian believer is interested in possibly providing funds for 5000 Digital E Bibles in India. The prototype is in the beginning development stages. What makes this different is the unit will be completely enclosed, using no moving parts.

Pray that God will have his way to remove any obstacles which could hinder this development.

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