China’s church gets a boost from a Christian radio ministry.

By May 25, 2004

China (MNN)–For nearly ten years, Trans World Radio has been providing a radio and study materials to house churches in China.

To date, over 56-thousand “Radio Church Kits” have been distributed. TWR’s Rachel Zhang says there is need for many more radio church kits. “A lot of new believers, they became chrsitains, and they’re passion about God. So, they just go out [the] Gospel without the knowledge about God’s teaching. They’ve never been to a Bible college, they’ve never received any Biblical education.”
There has a steep rise in cult activity in China, partly because of the wide acceptance of the Gospel. Unfortunately, discipleship ministries have not kept pace with the evangelistic movement, leading to widespread misinformation.

Due to the limited number of seminaries and no local Christian radio or television in China, shortwave radio will continue to play a major role in helping the local church in China disciple believers. “It’s illegal to have Christian programs on local radio stations or TV stations. So, the only mass media that they can go through to study [the] Bible or listen [to the] Words of God is from shortwave radios.”

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