Christian radio ministry looks for place to grow in Dominican Republic.

By November 13, 2006

Dominican Republic (MNN)–Two years ago, frequent blackouts used to result in tremendous loss of production for TWR staff in the Dominican Republic. A new generator and studio equipment helped the team sustain the ministry.

Today, the Gospel is still going out in the Dominican Republic, but not without its challenges. Trans World Radio’s Georgina Thompson describes their current studio location. “We are on the second floor, so we have a family upstairs. We have a printing factory downstairs and a school with kids in the backyard. We are surrounded by a lot of noise that frequently disturbs our work and interrupts our recordings.”

Every month, nearly 80 programs are produced there and distributed to stations throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. Noise can be as disruptive as the earlier electricity problems.

TWR-DR’s staff needs an office equipped with professional, soundproofed studios, storage space for vast amounts of literature, and reliable electricity to power their equipment.

Their solution: purchase a single-family house, and renovate it into an office and studio. “We have projects for the near future for more radio production that we won’t be able to do in the conditions that we’re in now. In order to grow and expand and do a better job, we have concluded we need to move from the facilities where we are. This is the only way to resolve these difficulties.”

TWR-Dominican Republic is partnering with several radio stations in the United States to raise the funds over the next year.

They’ve joined forces to provide a much-needed new office and studio to a partner ministry in the Dominican Republic. WGRC will host an on-air fundraiser on November 15 and 16 for this cause. Click here if you want to be involved in helping TWR-DR continue their ministry track.

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