Church planter resource kits to help build the church in Central Asia

By November 9, 2005

Central Asia (MNN) — Church planters in Central Asia are getting some resources that will build a strong and vibrant church in the region. Bible Mission International is gearing up to launching its Church Resource Kits, targeting Christians in the former Soviet Union.

Bible Mission’s Malcom Smith says since the church is small and dynamic church leaders are few, they have incredible needs in preparing for church services and small group study. “What we’ve come up with to help them for their messages and their teaching times are 52 lessons that they’ll be using to show to their small groups and their churches that are gathering there.”

These DVD messages and other resources will be available in Russian first and then expand into other native languages, says Smith. “We’re hoping that we’re going to get 1,000 of these sets out there here this year so that the church planters can be using those. Each of these 1,000 sets would at least be used in a setting where there are 25 folks that are gathering in small groups.”

This new resource will help the church reach their goal. “The churches in Central Asia have a vision within the next three years to start an additional 1,000 churches in the region,” says Smith.

In recent months governments in the region are passing laws curtailing religious freedom, but Smith doesn’t seem concerned about that. “This issue isn’t necessarily the laws that the governments are passing on a national level. It’s what the relationships are between the believers and the local governing authorities.”

Your gift of $100 can equip a pastor with a Church Resource Kit.

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